More on Tantrums

More on Tantrums

Tantrums, tantrums, tantrums!

We know all about ’em, but what to do…

It’s not unusual to lose it and then, when the dust settles, wonder “what just happened?”, and ” what should I do now?”.

In this video I review all the reasons tantrums are so hard on us parents and new ways to consider and approach the ruptures and the repair.

It’s the conflicts with our kids that motivate us to better ourselves as parents.
They truly are opportunities: Opportunities to support our kids emotional development and help them understand themselves and others.
When our kids act up and act out, a lot can come up for us as parents such as strong emotions, fear of judgment and criticism from others, a sense of failure, fear of the future.
All of these reactions to our kids’ misbehavior is real and normal, but can sometimes get in the way of responding calmly and thoughtfully to our kids.
But even if you lose it, no worries, because it’s really in the repair, once everyone has calmed down (especially your kiddo), where the real magic happens.
That is, when you can reflect to your child what you feel in their emotional world, and communicate your own emotional experiences.
In so doing, we help our children understand themselves better and feel more secure and assured in themselves, relationships with others and the world around them.

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