The 5 Biggest Myths About Therapy, Busted!

The 5 Biggest Myths About Therapy, Busted!

We all have preconceived ideas about what therapy is and what happens on that couch.

Some of those beliefs are true, while others are the product of culture and media.

That is, what most people think about therapy is what they’ve seen in the movies.

But unfortunately, these preconceived notions are often wrong.

Which is a shame because it keeps people who would really benefit from therapy from reaching out and giving it a go.

So take a look at the list below and see which of these myths you subscribe to,

and be sure to read on to have those myths busted.

Therapy is for crazy people- Myth!

If you’re struggling with something and you need help, reaching out to a therapist does not confirm that you are crazy. Actually, one of the symptoms of ‘crazy’ is that one doesn’t see their issues. So if you know that you’re struggling and you’re thinking about reaching out to a therapist for help, well that’s just proof that you are sensible and incredibly brave and courageous.

Therapy takes forever- Myth!

Although long term therapy is necessary in some cases, and has its benefits, most people who go to therapy will begin to notice change relatively quickly. It’s hard to say how long you will choose to stay in therapy, but the choice is always yours and in all likelihood once you experience the benefits of therapy, you will feel less concerned with how much time you will be in therapy.

Talking about a problem doesn’t solve it– Myth!

I know some people wonder “how helpful can it be to just sit and talk about your problems?”. And they’re right. But therapy is not about wallowing in your issues. Therapy is about identifying exactly what it is that is at the root of your problems and learning how to understand and face your struggles differently so that you can feel calmer, more in control and generally more satisfied in life.

My problems will resolve themselves-  Myth!

If you’ve been suffering or struggling with your issues for more than a month, in all likelihood they will not resolve on their own. Even if your issues appear to be circumstantial, that is, you think that your problems will go away when things around you change, it would be beneficial to seek the support and guidance of a therapist to help you cope with the situation you’re in.

My therapist will solve my problems- Myth!

Your therapist is there to validate your struggles and guide you to a place of well-being, but your therapist can only help you as much as you’re willing to be helped.  Of course, you’re therapist will help direct you and challenge you so that you can get the most out of your time in therapy but, at the end of the day, what you get out of therapy is what you put in to it.

Hopefully you’ve realized that many of your preconceived notions about therapy, that have been keeping you from getting the help you need, are simply myths. And in truth, therapy is a worthwhile venture for anyone who wants to get along better and live happier.

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