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Parent with Confidence

You can do this mom. When you’re a confident mom, your entire life shifts.

Join a powerful 8-week program where we move through my 5-step framework to build inner confidence that leaves you empowered, excited and ready to connect with your kids.

Plus get access to an awesome group of supportive moms just like you. Nice.

It’s time to get out of survival mode and into a life you love.

You are an awesome mom. I can show you how to feel calm in the chaos and actually enjoy life with kids.

  • If you're tired of just trying to make it through the day. 

  • If you want to yell less and enjoy your kids more. 

  • If you don't want to miss out on their childhood. 

  • If you're tired of feeling like a wrung-out rag whose needs aren’t met.


Then this program might be just the thing to get you back in balance.

Liba Lurie Parenting Coach
Liba Lurie Parent-Child Relationship Expert

Here’s the secret. It starts with you.

Feeling calmer and more confident in your relationship with your kids…

Regaining inner trust and a serene peace…

Being present and emotionally available for your kids…


It all starts with you.


Together we’ll help you reconnect with yourself, lay down boundaries and get you back in balance so you can enjoy life AND the kids.

When you join Parent with Confidence you’ll learn how to:

Stop your knee-jerk reactions every time you get triggered, so you can respond thoughtfully to your kids.

Identify hidden beliefs and expectations that are triggering your extreme reactions.

Separate your identity from your kids, so you can get your needs met and stop feeling like a shmata.

Recognize, understand and manage big emotions, yours and theirs, so you can feel more present, patient and in control with your kids.

Tackle guilt, self-judgment and criticism so you can feel more confident in yourself and your parenting.

All of the support, none of the judgment

When you work with me you get a friend, sister and professional, all wrapped into one. If nonjudgemental, expert guidance is your jam, I'm your gal. 


I’m here to help you build trust in yourself, navigate the sticky situations and move towards a place of confidence and calm.


Throughout the course, you’ll enjoy frequent access so you can reach me for any things that come up along the way!

Liba Lurie One-on-One Parent Coaching


“This program has changed the way I think, feel and relate to my kids.

Liba’s advice helped me know how to respond to my kids, even if I’m not always 100% sure what to do. Any parent who cares about their relationship with their kid and wants to do the work should take this course."

- Juie

Liba Lurie Parent-Child Relationship Expert


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Parenting can bring so much inner turmoil and confusion. Let me be your guide.

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