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Liba Lurie Parent-Child Relationship Expert

If you’re up at night worrying that you’re screwing up your kids, welcome.
This is your place.

Understand what's really going on so you can stop counting down the minutes to bedtime, and actually enjoy that pretend tea party with your toddler.


I've spoken to hundreds of moms and they all tell me the same thing:
Liba, I want to
actually enjoy my kids

I want you to know that I see you. I know what it’s like to feel lost, scared and wondering what the heck do I do here?! I’m here to help you figure it out and come out the other side. Together we’ll explore the tools and guidance you need to show up, handle anything your kids throw your way, and enjoy the ride.

Liba Lurie One-on-One Parent Coaching


Heads up. We do things a little differently around here.

I know you’re juggling so much, that’s why when we work together, we’ll explore what’s really going on behind every tantrum. With clinically proven tools and a compassionate space to unpack it all, our sessions will help you get to the core root of the struggle so you can transform your parenting with lasting change.

We’ll personalize a plan that takes you from chaos and confusion about how to respond to clarity and confidence that comes from a deep internal place of healing.

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Hi! I'm Liba.

I'm a Psychologist and mom of four. In other words, I get it! 

Trust me when I say, I made all the mistakes. 


As I raised my little ones, I noticed the huge gap between the mom I wanted to be and the mom I was. It led me on a path of discovery and exploration as I recognized that my deep inner wounds were showing up in my parenting. Every single day.


I developed a framework that allowed me to heal and find inner calm, so I could be truly present and emotionally available for my children. And over the last decade I’ve helped hundreds of moms do the same.


I want every mom to know that she has what it takes to be the best mother for her children. I help her regain trust in herself and lovingly lay down boundaries so she can flourish within her home.

Liba Lurie Psychologist

"But are you the real deal?"

Don’t take it from me, take it from other moms like you.

“Liba gives you the tools to begin answering the tough questions and get to the bottom of why you respond the way you do when you become overwhelmed with motherhood.”

- Chana, mom of 6


Parent with Confidence

Join a powerful 8-week program where we move through my 5-step framework to build inner confidence that leaves you empowered, excited and ready to connect with your kids.


Plus get access to an awesome group of supportive moms just like you. Nice.

Liba Lurie Parent-Child Relationship Support


Dip into my tool box

Get your hands on my top parenting tips and tricks to help you navigate the daily storms. They’re not your classic parenting preach, but boy do they work.

If you’re ready to make a deep and real change in your parenting, then your journey begins here.

I can’t wait to support you. Let's talk.


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